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New home snag lists

We provide a professional snagging service for new home buyers that includes site inspection and preparing snag list reports for new houses & snag list reports for new apartments. All new build property inspections and snagging inspections are carried out by  our professional, qualified and experienced staff. Our building inspection reports and snag list reports follow a set snag list inspection process and we seek a high level of finish quality, fixtures without damage and houses and apartments that meet current building regulations and are of a good standard.

Snag lists & snagging inspection process.

Many new home buyers are first time buyers so the service of a snag list and whats involved in the snagging of a new house or apartment is summarized here:

The process of property inspection begins on the outside, checking all external surfaces of the building and utility access hatches, drainage, paving, fences etc. Particular attention is paid to the roof as it is a crucial structural / envelope element that is inspected both externally and internally. The inside of the home is checked room by room each wall and ceiling being covered. All fixtures included in the house are examined for finish and function (fitted kitchens, sanitary wear, joinery, etc.)
Our snagging checklists & reports include all internal & external windows and doors. All parts and systems of the house or apartment are checked, including heating, electrical system and plumbing. We also specialize in renewable energy systems such as Solar, MHRV and Heat pumps which are common place in most new houses built today in Ireland due to the requirement for new homes to comply with Part L of the Building regulations. Our professionals work with a 200 point checklist that covers the entire property.

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Who gets the snag list report & when ?

48 to 36 hours after the site inspection the snag report is issued listing all snags found, any serious issues are Photographed and a sample image of repeated snags will be included on the the snag list. The report is issued both to you as our client and also a copy goes to the builder of the home to carry out the repairs and to rectify the snags we have listed.

Your builder is then given approx. a week to fix everything on the snag list, ensuring that when you close the sale and move into your new house or apartment you will have the peace of mind that everything is to the high standards that you deserve and you will not be calling trying to get your builder or developer to come back and fix snag issues.
If your builder or developer is resistant when asked to rectify the snags we can call the foreman or other contact person with the vendor to chase up a resolution to the issue. Having a snag list construction professional acting on your behalf ensures the problems are not only fixed but fixed properly and not just temporarily repaired or covered over. The snag list report also serves as a point of record for problems such as leaks, these are highlighted on the report and resolved by the builder & surrounding finishes made good. However should the problem reoccur the snag list report will demonstrate the issue was previously raised and not resolved satisfactorily.

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At Snag my Home we pride ourselves in offering the best value professional property inspections & snag list service without compromising on quality – time or attention to detail. Customer references available upon request for past residential & commercial property inspections we have carried out across Dublin city, county and the Midlands. Our building inspection reports are clear, detailed and easy to follow – all home inspection – snag list reports are accompanied by digital photograph’s of serious issues noted and sample images of the other snags.

At any time as our client you can ask our advice or simply get your questions answered, we never consider questions to be silly or irrelevant as buying a home is an enormous commitment of time and money for the buyer and it is not something you do every week or month, more than likely it is a process that you carry out once or twice in your lifetime. Our snag inspectors are reviewing properties on a daily basis and know the builders, the industry and likely can help you with most queries. 

Snag list cost:

  • 2 bed House or Apartment : €160.00
  • 3 bed House or Apartment : €180.00
  • 4 bed House or Apartment : €230.00
  • 5 bed House                          : €260.00

The prices listed above are for one site visit and a report of our findings (the snag list report). These prices are for Dublin city.  County Dublin, Co. Meath, Co. Kildare and Co. Westmeath incur a fuel surcharge, contact our office for your snag list price.

Follow up visits (second snag list inspection & report) fees are €100

Whats required when booking a snag list inspection ?

email –    |   phone – 085 1276288

Contact our office for details on the snagging inspection process, our qualified inspectors would be glad to answer any questions you may have & we also can provided a sample snag report from a property inspected by our team.  If you are ready to make a booking for a snag list inspection and your builder has notified you that your new home is ready for snagging then the following information is required:

Full name of new home purchaser:
Your contact phone number & email address:
Full address of the property that requires a snag list:
Contact name & phone number of builder on site (or agent):